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The summer program is over. Das Archipel built two new swimming islands, comprising 100sqm. In cooperation with collecif mit from Nantes and ftts from Berlin we made an extensive program. Now the Future Library is traveling. We are looking for support. About a douzen people worked for many weeks without pay. Our financial situation didn't allow for it. We are willing to change this. If you want to support us financially or otherwise, do write us.
Ftts and people from Das Archipel will be visiting the atelier of collectif mit in September. We understand places like Das Archipel as being part of a global movement for participation and experimentation with actual democratic structures. We will exchange. From the middle of October onward, we will continue building the new island. Just come over or write us before hand if you want to become part of Das Archipel by building it together.
The pontoons are in Veringkanal, access via the Honigfabrik backjard: Industriestraße 125, 21107 Hamburg.
Monday: Break
Tuesday till Sunday: 10am-11am breakfast / During the day: Snacks / 7pm Dinner.
There is a lot to do, if you want to participate, come on over, we are there. Or write us: mail@dasarchipel.org

Every group that wants to make an impact in society needs a physical place, a social space. For our experiment we want to claim decentralized spaces in Hamburg. We are doing this already. Over the last few years, Das Archipel, an island on the waters of Hamburg, has been attempting to found a collective space of otherness. Floating islands are ideal locations for projecting other futures—detached from land, they are spaces of otherness. The floating platforms are in the commons, belonging to everybody. Anyone interested can decide what happens in the space and how it happens. The island is mobile and has interacted with different parts of the city over the last years. In each occurrence, a collective has been shaped and grown parallel to the each location.
The images of our experiment are pluralistic as we all are. But they each tell the same story. They are not images of frustration or hatred, but images of exchange. They are images of the beginning of something new, something big. Images of self-organization, of a new disorder, of new possibilities. These images are also lived realities.

This summer Das Archipel is building two new islands. Das Archipel is a floating platform for exchange on Veringkanal in Wilhelmsburg, that we all build together. Water is common, it belongs to everybody. Let's work on a different city, a city in which spaces are build and inspirited by everybody.
There are open workshops and a program from the middle of June until the middle of July: Building, reading, producing, cooking, eating, playing music, listening, exchangeing, playing, writing, printing, bookbinding, storytelling.

Supported by:
Fonds PERSPEKTIVE, Bureau des arts plastiques | Institut français Deutschland | Goethe Institut
Hamburg Mitte Municipality
Kinder Helfen Kindern e.V.
SAGA GWG Stiftung Nachbarschaft
Hamburger Architektur Sommer 2019