Concerts: Klamm & Pelikan (CZ) & Munk Engelund (HH/DK)

Monday, October 8 at 8 PM - 11 PM

koefte foftein spiralen presents eine raumnahme mit:
Klamm & Pelikan (CZ)
Jan Klamm and Patrik Pelikan, both members of Prague-based trio Ruinu, have developed their approach to sound and improvisation with a deep belief that everything has to be taken apart and interrupted. They use electronic, wind and string instruments or variable amplified objects but they focus on tape manipulations foremost – they record the ongoing sounds not to create a background for the forthcoming action but for the opportunity to rewind, re-record and fragment everything that has been taped. In recent years they have been collaborating with Copenhagen-based experimental musician and film-maker Martin Klapper and Tom Smith, expressive vocalist best-known for his long-standing project To Live & Shave in LA.

Munk Engelund (HH/DK)
-messiah of anachronism-

come early, consume early, pass early!

auf der Schute, Hinterhof Honigfabrik (Industriestraße 125, 21107 Hamburg)
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